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It all started with fresh food in 2012 🥕🍐🥦🍌⁣⁣
I decided during my pregnancy I would avoid additives and preservatives for my baby by making her food - fresh, organic produce steamed and pureed. Then I found out about the list of chemicals in disposable diapers, not to mention that they do not decompose AND also cost a fortune. There was no way I could use plastic diapers in good conscience.⁣
Since the cloth diaper world is full of beautifully made and decorated diapers, I was having a hard time with the initial startup cost. So after much trial and errror on patterns, fit and materials, I finally figured out how to make a great cloth diaper for my little one! I loved them so much I wanted to share and convert all of my parent friends to cloth 😘⁣⁣
After this, the rest of my Mindful Living journey snowballed - continuing to recycle, using cloth grocery bags, switching to unpaper towels, trading glass for plastic, composting, using beeswax food wraps, planting pollinator gardens... and so it continues.⁣⁣
Wherever you are now in your journey, I ask that you consider one thing you can do to make an impact. Even if you just pick up that trash in the parking lot that someone else left 🤷‍♀️⁣⁣

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