Wagon Wheel Smoke House

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Wagon Wheel Smoke House is a company dedicated to producing the finest smoked spices and dry rubs. Smoked spices like smoked sea salt and smoked black pepper are made by slow smoking for four to five hours using Colorado fruit wood. Once the spices have been smoked, they are blended and packaged fresh.

Our rubs are made from recipes that have been tested dozens of times by experienced chefs and home cooks alike. We also offer an assortment of freshly ground Chile powder that have no anti-caking agents or additives. We smoke whole chillies for several hours and then grind them and freshly package them. Several varieties of our chilies are gown in Hatch, New Mexico. We are committed to sourcing our ingredients as locally as possible by working with local growers and to source our herbs and our wood from in state.

We specilize in Smoked Spices and Dry Rubs.

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