The Oil Barn- Colorado

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The Oil Barn Colorado produces organic and cold-pressed safflower oil. We are the only organic cooking oil option that will be grown right here in our state. We value health and sustainability.

But what exactly is safflower oil?

Safflower oil, as the name implies, is made from the extract of safflower seeds. It has an oleic-acid content normally between 80% and 83%, one of the highest of all cooking oils on the market, giving it stability for high-temperature cooking. The high oleic-acid content also contributes to lowering bad (LDL) cholesterol and maintaining good (HDL) cholesterol.

In addition to being all natural, our oil also has great cooking benefits because of the varieties we use and our soil climate. Whether you are deep frying, baking, stir frying or sautéing our oil is right for you, because they are organic and contain no additives or preservatives

What you may not know is that our safflower oil is simply the best oil for popcorn, and you don't even need butter. Just drizzle some oil on top of your popped corn, add salt and enjoy!

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