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Savoni’s soaps and scrubs bring color, style and aromatherapy to your home. Our soap bars are made with 100% pure goat's milk and glycerin bases, colored with vegan dyes, and scented with organic essential oils.

Our bars are infused with raw ingredients, including coffee grounds, green tea, orange zest, and honey, and crafted in a variety of methods for a sophisticated finish. Our process includes brewing, steeping, mixing and/or layering the ingredients and materials at different temperatures.

Our coffee, green tea and orange zest collection products gently exfoliate, while our honeycomb, rainbow and wave collections are smooth and soothing. Essential oils scent our rainbow and wave soaps and we also offer our pure option, which is free of dyes, raw ingredients and oils.

100% of Savoni’s profits are donated to charities supporting at-risk youth Baltimore, MD, and social justice advocacy in Fort Collins, CO.

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