Julie Bee's Honey Caramels

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Hello and welcome! Especially if you are new to Julie Bee's! I started selling my caramels because I wanted the people who have severe food allergies to have a candy they can trust in, especially if they are Celiac! I have found it very difficult to find caramel that is good and gluten free at the same time - and I know others have the same problems!

My caramel is completely gluten free - even the ones that contain cookies or pretzels. I also make my caramel in a dedicated commercial Gluten Free facility.
None of it is dairy free at the moment, but I have plans to work on one soon!
I do use nuts in several of the caramels, but they are done last and are not cooked into the caramel, which means the oils from the nuts are not seeping into the pores of the pans.
I also promise I will never use dyes or food colorings in any of the caramel!
I use 85% non-GMO or organic ingredients.
I literally try to make the best candy I can so that you can enjoy it with less guilt!
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