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To introduce myself: my name's Sandra Knauf and I've lived in Colorado Springs since my teen years (now over 40 years). I've been a writer and publisher on the subjects of organic gardening and the environment for over 25 years and my work has appeared in Colorado Gardener, The Denver Post, MaryJanesFarm Magazine, GreenPrints, and other publications.

I started my own publishing company, Greenwoman Publishing, in 2011.

I have published six issues of Greenwoman, which is a compilation of garden wrtiing: essays, interviews, short stories, poetry, art, and comics.  I have also published a YA environmental sci-fi/fantasy novel, Zera and the Green Man, and my memoir, Please Don't Piss on the Petunias: Stories About Raising Kids, Crops, and Critters in the City. "Petunias" was a North Street Book Prize Finalist in 2019.

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