Zera and the Green Man

Zera and the Green Man

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It’s Zera’s fifteenth birthday, but she’s finding little to celebrate. Zera’s uncle and guardian, “the Toad,” and his girlfriend, Tiffany, are dragging Zera to the opening of a GMO fast-food restaurant. On the menu are a few of the Toad’s creations, including “beefy fries,” created from potatoes engineered with the genes of a cow; potatoes that bleed when sliced and cooked. As if a nauseating meal out weren’t bad enough, Zera’s in trouble at school for a prank she didn’t do—and her classmates think she’s a freak.The single light in her birthday will be a gift from her grandmother. A gift that will lead her to uncovering her family’s centuries-old mystical connection to nature—a gift that will lead her to the battle of her life.

Self-published by Colorado author Sandra Knauf.

Paperback, 390 pages, 6 x 0.98 x 9 inches.


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“An ambitious sci-fi novel that will charm eco-champions . . .” —Kirkus Reviews

“A highly original, well-written, exciting YA novel that blends fantasy, spirituality, and a coming-of-age story with a righteous call to action to save our beleaguered Earth . . . What is the secret that the Green family has held for generations? What freakish GMO horrors are being “grown” in the top-secret labs at Void Chemical? What role will Zera play in the fight to save the planet from human depredation? How can she balance all this with her life as a normal teen? This book calls out for a sequel so that readers can continue to accompany Zera in her discovery that true magic can be found within herself and in the wonders of Nature—and that some of Nature’s awesome powers lie within her own grasp.” —Brainiac Books

“[Zera Green is] a plant whisperer who kicks butt. For those who feel the world is going to hell in a genetically modified handbasket because of global warming, toxic waste, and unscrupulous agribusiness practices, Sandra Knauf’s sly YA novel delivers a shot of hope.” —D’Arcy Fallon, author of So Late, So Soon

“I was quickly engrossed in this Young Adult novel and its mature theme of the planetary call to awakening as protectors of our incredibly intelligent and sentient planet. Every reader who endured feeling different and out of place as a teen will identify with iconic Zera, a girl whose personal coming of age serves as harbinger of a New Green Age.” —Rebekah Shardy, author of 98 Things a Woman Should Do in Her Lifetime

Zera and the Green Man reminds me of the coolness of a Dylan Thomas poem, ‘The Force That Through the Green Fuse Drives the Flower.’ The power it takes to crack open a seed is something. The distance a seed can go is something else. ‘Seeds are great travelers, you know, ‘ a plant tells Zera, ‘but there are some who are the best travelers of all. You even breathe them in, exhale them. They ride into and out of your body as well as on the winds. Pollen grains and spores.’ “Yes, a plant told Zera that. Sounds crazy, but it’s fun . . . The Green Man is an ancient myth, and it’s fun to see him come alive for modern teenage readers.” —Carol Kean, Vine Voice

“Dramatic changes in climate, both global and political, that have occurred in the short time since its publication, make this book’s message even more urgent. Young adult readers: I hope you like Zera, hear the Green Man’s call, and take action. The call is real, and the world needs you.” —Lucy Bell, author of Coming Up: A Boy’s Adventures in 1940s Colorado Springs

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