“Wish Box” Pendants

“Wish Box” Pendants

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These wish boxes are a wonderful and creative way to let someone know that you care! We have 3 different shapes of boxes, hearts, cubes and sterling silver cylinders. You specify what kind of wish (examples are courage, strength, hope etc) you’d like to give to someone, and a semi precious stone or crystal is picked out that has potential benefits that the wearer may experience when wearing the necklace. Each box opens and closes and comes with your choice of metal chain or suede cord to complete the necklace. Each pendant also comes with a short description of the wish being made for that person, the included stone and why it was specifically chosen to represent the wish. Whether the wearer experiences the potential attributes of the stone or not, it will always be a physical reminder that they are loved!


*Nothing about this product is intended to diagnose, treat or cure any medical diagnosis. If you are experiencing health issues, please consult a physician

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suede cord, metal chain


cube, heart, ss cylinder


strength, courage, love, happiness, hope, peace, grounding, clarity

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