Whirligig – set of three – Art Kit

Whirligig – set of three – Art Kit

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All of these are kits are created at Magpies in Fort Collins. We design them and put them together with all sorts of art supplies, most that we want to reuse and keep out of the landfill and create something that brings joy to all!

I loved these when I was a kid.   It takes a little work to get the hang of making them spin but hang in there – once you get it, you’ll be inspired to do many more with different designs.

Supplies Included: Three cd’s with holes pre-drilled, sticker labels to create your art, string, set of watercolors with a brush. Everything you need. You’ll need scissors, a cup of water, a paper towel, and a kiddo with loads of creativity and energy!


Instructions for your whirligig are at this link.  Obviously you have different supplies but you get the idea.

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