Candy Cane Maple Syrup


Candy Cane Maple Syrup

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Sweet and Delicious Candy Cane, Flavored Maple Syrup in the 2 ounce sized bottle.

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We heat our 100% Pure Tree Juice Maple Syrup™ and add some organically grown peppermint leaves from the farm. It is then allowed to steep over night before being filtered and bottled, leaving a refreshing minty zing! (Not over powering, just a hint of mint).

Delicious with pancakes and waffles, also fantastic in tea, coffee, hot chocolate, over ice cream and even cocktails!

Most of us are familiar with the amazing taste of 100% pure maple syrup. However, we offer flavor varieties that are as unique and as delicious as the fresh maple syrup that is in each and every bottle.

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