Sugar Scrubs


These luxurious sugar scrubs are an excellent way to pamper yourself! Made with organic coconut oil, a trio of sugars, and different blends of organic essential oils to fit any mood! Benefits you may experience using our sugar scrubs are:

Less dry skin, as the coconut works similar to lotion at locking in existing moisture in the skin, and also as a protectant by creating a thin barrier to protect against the elements.

Younger looking skin, the trio of sugars with their varying grain sizes help to exfoliate dead skin, leaving behind fresh, younger looking skin

Various possible mood enhancers depending on the combination of essential oils.

This is an awesome way to enhance your shower experience, and it isn’t gender exclusive! Men and women alike can use and enjoy this aromatherapy experience.

Scents include:

Citrus Bliss- Grapefruit, Orange. Tangerine, Lime. Lemon. Bergamont. Awaken your senses with bright citrus scents

Grounding- Cedarwood. Lemon. Rosemary.

Stress Less-Bergamont. Frankincense. Lavender.

Sleepy Time- Lavender. Copaiba. Cedarwood

Serenity Mountain- Cedarwood. Cypress. Lavender. Pine

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Citrus Bliss, Grounding, Stress Less, Sleepy Time, Serenity Mountain

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