Single Serve Cups

Single Serve Cups

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We pride ourselves on being environmentally friendly.

  • Our boxes are all made from post-consumer recycled materials and they are recyclable.
  • All of our cups are Intelligent Blend’s Award Winning #5 Recyclable Cupswhich have been recognized for their environmentally friendliness and sustainability efforts. 
  • Our cups are made with Polyproplene instead of Polystyrene. PP actually holds out moisture 10x better than PS and PP produces 30% less greenhouse gas emissions than PS.
  • Our lids are recyclable and the filters are 83% compostable.
  • Our packaging includes an easy pull tab on the lid to make it easier to disassemble the cups and recycle!

So, if you’re environmentally conscious and you still want to use K-Cups, all you have to do is put the filter in the compost and take the lid and the cup and put it in the recycle. And with our new easy-to-pull lids, it is easier to disassemble your cups and take care of the environment!

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Heaven's Blend, Guatemalan Estate, Dad's Blend, Mexicali Mudslide, Snickercookie, Variety Pack

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