How to Be a Person Important Skills

How to Be a Person Important Skills

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This humorous and entirely practical how-to book for kids aged 10 and up passes along essential life skills with an irreverent voice and graphic novel–style illustrations. From how to write a thank-you note to how to make a simple meal, this valuable advice, written with wit and wisdom, will help every kid taking the first steps into adulthood.


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For the kid who leaves a wet towel wadded up on the floor or forgets to put a new roll on the toilet-paper thingy, witty parenting writer and etiquette columnist Catherine Newman has created the ultimate guidebook of essential life skills for kids. Jam-packed with tips, tricks, and advice — all illustrated in an irresistible graphic novel–style — How to Be a Person shows kids just how easy it is to free themselves from parental nagging and become more dependable — and they’ll like themselves better, too! They’ll learn how to do chores like loading the dishwasher and making a bed, brush up on communication skills like making a phone call and apologizing, and master 61 other super-helpful skills including how to stick up for somebody, fold a T-shirt, and turn a 33-cent package of ramen into dinner. Improve work-life balance for the whole family with this kids’ guide to growing up.

by Catherine Newman, 160 pages, paper back.

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