Crystal Clear Window & Glass Cleaner


We love this all natural window and mirror cleaner! It leaves our windows and mirrors looking clear and streak free. It uses all natural ingredients, with no added harsh chemicals, with a surprising ingredient, corn starch! This addition covers all the microscopic scratches in the glass, giving you that wonderfully clear shine. We made this cleaner when there was the shortage of cleaning supplies at the start of Covid- 19, but we will never go back to traditional, chemically loaded window and glass cleaners.

*please note, because of the cornstarch, this cleaner will not last as long as traditional cleaners. two sizes are offered, and should be ordered in accordance to how many windows and mirrors will be treated in your home in 6 weeks or less. If you are treating all windows and mirrors, the larger size is what you need, if the indoor mirrors and a few windows will be treated, please go with the smaller size.

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4 oz, 16 oz

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