Sangria Singles

Sangria Singles

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You get One single container: Yeilding 55-64 oz., 9-10 Servings of a wine drink mix. This is a mix only, there is no wine or alcohol in the mix. In order to create this drink, you must purchase a bottle of red or white wine, we do not sell alcohol on our website. You will need to purchase the wine from your local wine shop or liquor store.

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Ready for a craft Sangria at home without any fuss or mess? Yes, please!

Lush Sangria is bursting with real citrus fruits. It creates a bright, delicious Sangria in minutes, can be made with your favorite red or white wine. Thirsty yet?

Lush Sangria can be made in minutes. It’s simple! Mix 1 bottle wine + Lush = a restaurant-quality wine cocktail.

• Stunning, Sophisticated Eco-Friendly Packaging
• Easy to Make, No Mess or Expensive Recipes
• All-Natural Organic Ingredients
• Meticulously Hand-Crafted
• Dairy-Free, Nut-Free, Gluten-Free, GMO-Free, Vegan
• Each Yields 55-64 oz., 9-10 Servings

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