Liberty Gluten-Free Beer Vinegar


Liberty is a fiddle tune ubiquitous across the country.  It seems like every fiddler plays it. Not so with this Liberty!  This is the first gluten-free beer vinegar anywhere showcasing Colorado’s unique brewers and maltsters. Made from Riva Stout by Holidaily Brewing in Golden.  This vinegar highlights Colorado-grown buckwheat and millet malted by Grouse Malting in Wellington.

Beer vinegar, or alegar, is similar to malt vinegar. It is made from a finished beer with its more complex taste profile, rather than just simple malts. Try our beer vinegars on anything you might use malt vinegar for (think fish n’ chips). Use as the base in delicious marinades for ribs or chicken, make a mint – and – beer – vinegar reduction to spoon onto roasted root veggies or whisk up a unique vinaigrette. It’ll add a bold, hearty flavor to any meal!

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