Large Petrified Wood with Live Wood and Copper Wiring

Large Petrified Wood with Live Wood and Copper Wiring

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With a piece of “new” wood,  the Petrified Wood and then bringing them together with copper wiring will surely please any naturalist.  As you can see the Petrified Wood has beautiful lines and rich neutral colors and  the “new” wood even has a knot in it!
Do you want strength during spiritual growth and advance to the highest level of understanding purpose?  Do you want help in following life’s flow and cycle?  Petrified Wood may help with these and since it’s known as the stone of patience it may help with the removal of annoyances, petty issue’s and worries, encouraging one to move to action to peacefully eliminating these situations.  Petrified Wood may foster strength in all area’s of life and provide grounding.   The Copper wiring may bring it’s own attributes of luck for money and love.  Copper can conduct energy, it may also energizes the body and mind.  With these two components the wearer of this pendant may feel a new strength in all area’s of their life while staying grounded.


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