Homemade Chocolate Kit in a Box

Homemade Chocolate Kit in a Box

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Such a fun gift for the holiday! Everything you need to make homemade chocolate candies in one box. We even include some gift bags and ribbon so you can eat a few and give a few to friends. This is perfect gift for the teen/tween on your list or any home cook with a love for chocolate.

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Creating your own chocolate candies isn’t easy, but once you learn to ‘temper’ you can create lots of fun chocolate candy creations.  In this kit you’ll be using a candy thermometer and chocolate molds to make 30 small chocolates.

Since they’re such good gifts, we include some gift bags and foil so you can surprise your friends with your chocolate treats.

The items that come in the kit are below. You have everything you need except the pan/bowl or double boiler.  We’ve even included a link to a video with our Chef Instructor demonstrating how to make them! 

Items in your kit

1 Candy Thermometer

2 silicone molds for making 30 candies

One 12oz bag of chocolate

1 spatula

20 candy foil wraps

4 gift bags


1 sheet of regular parchment

1 chocolate tempering recipe

Link to the video with step by step instructions

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