Fairy Dust


I created a house purifying dust that you can use to clear out any lingering negativity in your house. Perfect for the upcoming new year! It is a baking soda base, with pink and white sea salt. I also included some specific herbs to set the right intention.

Evoking cypress energy allows a calm, grounded (even ancient) wisdom to enter your space and your being, eradicating negativity and excess energies. Connecting to this ancestral and ancient wisdom opens the pathway for psychic work such as divining, astral projection and lucid dreaming. If you want to use cypress for dream work, holding your smudging ritual just before bedtime would be the most effective.

Whenever you feel unsafe against theft or harmful spells and curses, Juniper Berries can be used as protective charms or car accessories. To ward off negative forces and dangers ahead of you, Juniper Berries can be used as an incense for rituals and meditations. They can be used as purifying fumigant to add cleansing to every nook and cranny of your home and offices.

Lavender is known to uplift the mood, dispel negative emotion and bring in a sense of calm and relaxation. Lavender can also quiet the mind and inspire restful sleepiness.

Basil has been referred to as “the hitch’s herb” and it’s frequently used in money and prosperity spells and in general, to bring purification and positive attraction of energy to any space.

Rosemary is perfect for purification rites. Like sage, rosemary is perfect for using as a purification herb. Rosemary is often used to create a “fresh start” in life. Whether it is breaking a habit, embarking on a new path, or opening up to more creativity, powerful and fragrant rosemary can help open doors to the new.

Pine has traditionally been used to cleanse and clear the space, as well as infusing protection and balance. Its bright and fragrant aroma is a wonderful addition to your meditation or smudging ritual. Pine is often associated with peace, both internally and externally.

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