Glass Beads and & Twisted Curly-Cues for Plants & Flowers

Glass Beads and & Twisted Curly-Cues for Plants & Flowers

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Whimsical, twisted wire, curly-cues with handblown glass beads to brighten your bloooms and plants for an everlasting fun effect!



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Looking to brighten up a dull and boring potted plant? Want to add some whimsy to your fresh and glass flower bouquets? Take our cue and add one or more of these whimsical glass beaded, twisted wire, curly-cues! Add them to your florals and plants and watch the whole room light up!

Not convinced? Let us give you some ideas: Place these beauties in a potted plant and watch the whole thing come to life. Add them to your fresh flower centerpiece for a bit of fun! Combine them with your everlasting, handblown glass bouquet and watch those glass beauties take on even more appeal and charm.

These twisted wire, curly-cue, rods are made with a variety of glass and wooden beads that add a pop of color and fun to your plants and flowers. The wire provides a natural and interesting contrast to the multitude of colors found in your fresh or blown glass arrangements giving your eye a place to rest while bringing a huge smile to your face! As a matter of fact, you can add these to your garden blooms and use them as whimsical plant stakes. These pieces can be popped into almost anything!

These cute curly-cues are handmade in beautiful, Wellington, Colorado, and come in two sizes: Small and Large. The small ones are approximately 7″ tall and the large ones are about 11″ tall.

We can’t imagine a flower arrangement or a garden spot without one, two, or more of these unique beauties popped right in!

So while you are at it, check out our other handmade art pieces that combine perfectly with these adorable, twisted wire, curly-cues and let your imagination run wild!

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