Shoulder Steaks Chevon (Approx. 1# Goat Meat)


Shoulder Steaks Chevon (Approx. 1# Goat Meat)

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The best way to cook goat shoulder is with a long slow roast, or in a slow cooker with aromatic spices combined and cooked for a longer time and at a lower temperature.

All natural frozen Chevon with no additives, hormones, grains, or GMO’s.

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Approximately 1 pound of premium goat meat (2 or 3 per package).
Our Premium Chevon is:
Processed from humanely raised and lovingly cared for goats, which produces the highest quality meat (and it’s the right thing to do!)
LSR goats are fed alfalfa, grass hay and pasture grasses only
Antibiotic free, GMO free, and grain free
Free of any growth promoting additives or hormones
Humanely processed by a local USDA certified facility

The shoulder of an animal is generally a slow cooking or braising cut, and goat shoulder is no exception. The best way to cook a goat shoulder is a long slow roast, with aromatic spices. … In general, goat meat is cooked long and slow, and shoulders are often cooked longer with a lower temperature than other cuts.

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