Everlasting Glass Flower Vase Combo


Everlasting Glass Flower Vase Combo

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Blown glass flower in a handcrafted, hand-painted glass vase. Enjoy this everlasting combo and brighten up your room, your life, the life of another!

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Want a glass flower to brighten up a spot in your life, but don’t know how to arrange it? We’ve got you covered, this super setup is completely done for you, right down to the stunning, matching, hand-painted narrow vase. Touches of glitter in the custom finish give the beautiful vase a little sparkle. The glass flower sports a beautiful blue, green, and purple color combo that is totally mod in the matching tall and narrow vase. For extra whimsey, we added our famous twisted wire curly-cue, and ribbons for softness and accent.

Light up your life or the life of a loved one with a stunning one-of-a-kind, jazzy, snazzy, beautifully twisted up modern everlasting glass flower vase combination.  The best part is that it never needs water or sun!

Completely handcrafted in beautiful, Wellington, Colorado.

Regular table salt is used in the vase for extra stability and to hold the flower in perfect position.  Overall the piece measures about 11 inches tall to the top of the flower and 13 inches to the top of the curly-cue accent.


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