Blown Glass Flower in Concrete Succulent Planter


Blown Glass Flower in Concrete Succulent Planter

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Handcrafted, unique gold shimmer concrete planter combo with stunning glass flower and more!

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You know you are getting creative when you turn a plain concrete planter into a work of art and that is exactly what we have done. This custom-designed classy green concrete planter was hand-painted and then received a shimmer of gold for a finishing touch!

Adorned with a specially made blown glass flower this artificial succulent planter never looked so good and the best part is it never needs watering or sun!  Subtle blues and golds in the unique glass flower will send prisms of color around your room with the sun hits it.

The stunning concrete pot is about two and a half inches square and has been painted and decorated giving it a one-of-a-kind unique finish.

Overall, the size of this planter is approximately 6′ tall with the flower, so you can fit in just about anywhere!

Added for extra pizzaz and elegant charm is our famous specially made twisted wire, curly-cue complete with ribbons! Stop what you are doing and grab a little piece of glass and concrete beauty today and enjoy the mixed media of this unique piece where durability meets delicacy!

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