Amazing Math


Math Activity Bundle: I Have, Who Has math game, Math Puzzles and Games and 10-sided rubber dice-

I have, Who Has…..Grades 1-2. The student whose card reads, “I have the first card. Who has…?” begins. The student whose card has the answer to that question responds and then asks a different question. This continues until the person with the last card gives the final answer and then reads, “This is the end of the game!” Each box provides 4 sets of cards for 4 different games.

Math Puzzles and Games, Grade 2, The Ready-Set-Learn series has just what parents want: fun-filled activities to give their children a head start on learning the basic skills needed for success in school. The 7″ x 9″ size is just right for a young child. Colorful stickers provide motivation. An incentive chart highlights the child’s progress. A ribbon sticker rewards the child for a job well done. Choose from dozens of titles that focus on alphabet, numbers, reading, math, mazes, puzzles, word games, printing, cursive writing and more. 64pages

10 Sided Dice: Soft plastic dice are quiet and durable. Numbers 0-9. 6 colors. 1″ x 1 1/2″

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