All-Natural Bison Ribeye Steak

All-Natural Bison Ribeye Steak

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Whether it’s celebrating a special occasion or just something to satisfy a hearty appetite, this Bison Ribeye steak delivers. Our generous 1½” cut is tender and succulent. Perfect for the grill or pan-seared and broiled to perfection.


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Celebrations come in all shapes and sizes: the promotion, the big win, smashing that PR, the weekend, the end of the day. You need something equally impressive to celebrate with. Unfortunately, our Bison Ribeye steak only comes in one shape and size: Big and thick.

Generously cut at 1½”, our Bison Ribeye steak is perfect on the grill or pan-seared and broiled to perfection. Go ahead. You deserve this.

Best cooked medium-rare to medium.

Delivered frozen and individually vacuum-sealed.

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