Community Outreach

NOCO VFM Supports FOCO Cafe with their yearly Wreath Kit Fundraiser…

Noco Virtual Farmers Market believes in supporting local communities. We believe that together we can raise awareness to living healthy while sustaining the local businesses who also support healthy lifestyles by providing all of us with their products and services that are much needed in our community.

Stay tuned for the FOCO Cafe yearly holiday fundraiser coming in December 2021:

Take Home Wreath Making Kits!

Make your own wreath kit and support FOCO Cafe

We are delighted to support this amazing cafe and believe in all the good they are providing for the members of our community.

How can you help? Make a purchase of one or more of their Make at Home Wreath Kits and we will donate the purchase amount of each kit to the cafe!

Delivery to your doorstep will still take place each Saturday between 11 am and 4 pm and you may still purchase anything you want from other vendors at NOCOVFM as they too are contributors to this wonderful cause. We will deliver your donation/fundraiser kit to your doorstep along with your other market purchases.

You may also pickup your kit or kits at our downtown Fort Collins location each Saturday between 12 noon and 2 pm, delivery and pickup allows us all to keep our community safe during this pandemic.

We ask for your support for this wonderful cause and also ask that you join us in keeping Fort Collins safe during these uncertain times.

Together we can create an atmosphere of giving to help others in need. Together we can support The FOCO Cafe and Fort Collins in keeping individuals, families and friends who may not be able to venture outside their homes safe this Holiday Season.

Choose a ribbon and enjoy!


This program was hosted during the 2020 Holiday Season, it is now over. Stay tuned for 202 when this great program returns.

NOCOVFM’S Food Donation Box Program Continues into 2021!


Families are still in need and we here at NOCOVFM continue to support those in need well into 2021. Support your local community, support families and individuals in need, support a friend or a family member with different priced donation food boxes, each one designed to serve your generous gift giving budget.

Thank you for considering adding a food donation box to your order. This program is designed to help local families in need who may be struggling to put food on their tables.

We have already delivered Three Donation Boxes to members of the community and we have a long wait list for local individuals and families in need. Your support means a lot to these folks and can help feed them for at least one week depending on the box size you choose.

Maybe you know of someone who has lost their job, is suffering from a medical condition, is sick and can’t work or leave the house, is elderly and unable to go out to shop for groceries, maybe a struggling single mom or family. No matter who, we ask that you please purchase a donation food box in their name and we will deliver to their home for free.

How it works: Each week when you place your order, you may add a donation box of your choice and we will fill it with food up to the amount of the purchase and we, here at NOCOVFM will add something extra to top off your box.

You may purchase boxes starting at $25.00, $50.00, $75.00 and $100.00. You may purchase more than one box.

When you go to check out, fill out the message section telling us the address where you want your box delivered and we will deliver the box to the recipient of your choice for free. Your own order will still incur a delivery fee and we will deliver your order to your home. If you want the donation box delivered to your home and not to the recipient, then leave no other message or address or leave us a messaging indicating you want the box delivered to your home and we will deliver it along with your order.

Want to only purchase a donation box with no other order, then let us know and we will deliver it to you or to your recipient.

We choose the food for the boxes, from the various vendors on our platform, but if there is something in particular that you want in your box, please let us know and we will certainly add it.

We thank you in advance for partnering with us in helping to feed Northern Colorado’s families and individuals.

“This is the best care package ever!! I appreciate you so much! Thank you.”


We are THRILLED with everything we got. Completely blown away by the generosity. Everything looked wonderful and provided us with amazing food and fresh greens. It was like an early Christmas present. I also am very thankful for the coupons and discount codes you provided in the newspaper and magazine, that little extra touch was really special and just shows how caring and wonderful you all are. We can’t thank you enough! You are all appreciated more than you know! Thank you and hope you have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving!”


The Store is temporarily closed until further notice. Thank you for your patience.