First Virtual Farmers Market in Colorado

Fueled by Covid... Driven by Passion!


In March of 2020, Alexa Vasquez, founder of NOCOVFM, created a Facebook group that was started as an effort to provide the local community with wholesome foods and artisan products from local businesses and makers. This mission was created to keep small businesses, local farmers and artisans afloat during a time of uncertainty. We are the first Colorado Virtual Farmers Market and we continue to provide our customers with fresh homegrown foods, artisan products all while supporting local businesses all year round. We deliver such goods to your doorstep each week, or you may pick up your orders at our downtown Fort Collins location.

“We want the people of Fort Collins and surrounding areas to know we are here for them so they won’t have to leave their homes whether they are healthy or sick. After the pandemic, we want our community to know we will continue to support them with our doorstep delivery services.” Alexa Vasquez, Founder/ CEO

A dedicated team of professionals


From managing the inventory at a local Fort Collins dispensary to working with a Colorado hemp company to grow nationwide, to creating one-of-a-kind timeless jewelry works of art, to launching an accidental business in the middle of a global pandemic, Alexa is no stranger to “making it work”, being adaptive, and leading her teams.

With one semester left to finish her degree in Psychology at CSU, Alexa continues to strive towards academic success and expresses a passion for the sciences daily with her understanding of the mind, brain, and behaviors of others. In addition to science, Alexa has a deep compassion for the arts. Always gravitating towards creativity, Alexa has a keen eye for color and design, making her the perfect fit for making advertisements, marketing materials, and more for the VFM.

Alexa created the VFM during the March 2020 COVID-19 lock down in an effort to connect customers with their favorite local producers when no one was able to leave their homes, while in-turn supporting the growth of and keeping those small businesses open through hard times. Today, Alexa is responsible for the company’s daily operations, customer service, advertising and marketing design, social media, and team building.

Alexa lives in Fort Collins with her three young children and is encouraged by her family and close friends to keep perusing her dreams. She runs the bulk of the business from her kitchen table with her children at home, manages her team of sorters and drivers on Saturday morning from The Cooking Studio located in downtown FOCO, and collaborates closely with her mother and business partner, Candida Marques.

Providing you with a unique custom taylored service

Meet Candida, Founding Partner, Market/Vendor Director, Website & Sales Director

In April of 2020, Candida Marques, Alexa’s mom, joined NOCO Virtual Farmers Market as a founding partner as well as the market and vendor director. In addition to directing the online marketplace, Candida is responsible for the marketing and sales of the business. She manages vendors, helps them grow on the online marketplace and she is in charge of the website, it’s growth and development. In addition to working closely with the company’s web team, Candida handles the website’s management on a daily basis. She works with advertisers and is in charge of making sure the public learns about the company’s mission. She writes articles for various advertisers and for the company’s newsletter that goes out to hundreds of subscribers each week. When Candida is not working closely with Alexa, on business growth and innovation, she is on boarding new vendors, collaborating with vendors in helping them to grow their businesses not only on the platform, but for themselves as well.

Candida holds a masters degree in Organizational Behavior and Leadership studies and has spent decades living and working abroad helping senior executives of global organizations not only understand foreign cultures, but she has helped hundreds of executives grow their careers.

Through her independent consulting practice, Global Arrival, Candida has helped global leaders reach C-Suite status and has also helped small business owners grow their local businesses from small mom-pop, in the garage status, to full blown productive and sustainable companies.

When Candida joined NOCO Virtual Farmers Market, it made sense that she work with vendors and small businesses on the marketplace as it is all a transfer of her lifelong skills and passion for helping individuals and businesses grow.

When Candida is not working, she can be found somewhere between her home in New Jersey and her home in Fort Collins where she frequently travels so she can be in closer proximity to the heart of the virtual market, its customers, vendors, suppliers, advertisers and more!

Dedicated to quality... deep passion and love

Stephanie Valasquez, General Manager of Operations

Hello NoCo Virtual Farmers Market

Let me start off by introducing myself. My name is Stephanie Velasquez, I’m 28 years old and a Colorado native. Recently I have accepted the position of General Manager of Operations for NOCO Virtual Farmers Market and couldn’t be more excited!

A little about myself… for the last 10 years I had been working in the music, events and service industry as a bartender/bar manager for music venues, as well as just about all music festivals here in Colorado. I LIVE FOR LIVE MUSIC! Unfortunately due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the music industry was hit hard and I realized it was time to make a career change. Here we are now! Within the NoCo VFM my primary responsibility is to create a happy and positive work environment for my fellow employees, vendors and of course our loving customers. Among that, some of the things I do within the company include: receiving/checking all inventory from various vendors, sorting and bagging the individual orders for customers alongside other staff members. Supervising the entry orders from our wonderful vendors and helping them to unload their products each week. I oversee all pick-up orders, and lastly working with our every growing team of sorters and delivery drivers. I work closely with Alexa to ensure that the company has everything it needs to be successful. Together we innovate and create a positive, fun, working environment filled with music, peace and harmony!

I’m super excited to be working with Alexa and Candida here at the NoCo VFM and even more excited to watch this amazing company grow and THRIVE!

Connecting you to local communities, sharing news, tips & information!

Bri Long, Social Media Manager

Starting in the music industry, Bri Long has always had a passion for marketing, whether she’s telling you about the latest album, an upcoming show, or now, your new favorite farmer’s market item! Since moving to Fort Collins in 2013, Bri began spreading the word about music through volunteering for the Hodi’s Half Note and Aggie Theatre Street teams. She eventually went on to manage both teams and moved on to paid positions.

Bri has loved Fort Collins since she first drove down Highway 14 and continues to immerse herself in the community. When she’s not telling you how fabulous you are on Instagram, she enjoys spending time in her garden with her boyfriend Tyler, puppy Frayah, and two chickens Hen Solo and Atilla the Hen.

Through the years, Bri has honed her Instagram and Facebook skills and is here to make sure you know the scoop and get all the information you may need about NOCOVFM!

How does ordering work?

  • Search through each vendor booth – Updates are made Weekly, with new vendors added Frequently. We are a YEAR ROUND market!
  • Make your selections for 12 days days of shopping, with bi-weekly delivery and pick-up. NOTE: This currently is available for the month of May, 2021
  • Pay online beforehand.
  • Deliveries occur bi-weekly for the MONTH OF MAY 2021: Saturdays between the hours of 12 noon and 4 pm.
  • Pick up times are bi-weekly, every other Saturday, IN MAY 2021 starting at 12 noon, ending at 2 pm.
  • Remember to pick up your orders within the 2 hour pickup window as we have a sharp 2:00 pm closing time. Pick up window is bi-weekly Saturday, starting 12 noon – 2 pm, for the month of May, 2021.

All pick up orders will incur a $3.00 fee. Delivery fees are based on your zip code and are as follows:

  • $5.00 Within the City of Fort Collins and Laporte
  • $7.00 Locations Surrounding Fort Collins – Timnath, Windsor, Loveland, Wellington, Masonville, Stout.
  • $10.00 Areas outside of Fort Collins – Greeley, Severence,  Johnston, Nunn, Berthoud, Longmont, Evans, Platville and many other areas including areas further outside of Fort Collins.
  • $3.00 pickup fee no matter where you are located, simply check Pickup on check out.

Tips are greatly appreciated:

Tipping is optional and greatly appreciated. On your checkout page there is an option drop down, it is located on the top part of the checkout form. Once you drop down, you will see tipping options where you can choose your tipping amount.


Become a Member

You can become member by creating your own account where you can add to, modify or simply keep ordering the same goods each time. You will receive an account number with all your information already in place. As a member, you will have up to date information on market news, vendor updates, new product information, specials and sales our vendors run, as well as market promotions and much more! Want to shop as a guest? You may do so by simply placing an order. All members and shopping guests have the option to sign up for our newsletter. We encourage you to do so, as you will get market news, tips, sales and information into your inbox each week.

Vendor Application

The commission rate is 22% to vend with us. If you are a farmer, reach out to us for a different rate. From this registration link you can register as a new vendor. When submitting your application, please provide us with your phone number. We must have a conversation with you prior to approving you as a vendor. Once you’ve submitted your information, including a description of your business, your phone number and a link to your website if you have one, we will reach out to you by email and by phone to discuss your joining our website and to see if you can be approved. There is a one-time $35.00 application fee with each new vendor that joins our platform. Should you experience any difficulty registering, please reach out to: [email protected]

The Store is currently closed while we onboard to our New Website. Thank you for your patience.