4 Delectable Ways To Eat Ice Cream

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4 Delectable Ways To Eat Ice Cream

Temperatures are rising all over the country, the birds are singing, the flowers are blooming, the shorts and sandals have been pulled out from the back of the closet. Yep, summer is in the air and the official day is right around the corner. This past Sunday was National Ice Cream Day, reminding us all that the hot, lazy days of summer are coming and it’s time to start cooling off!

Check out these 4 simple and delicious ways to eat your favorite frozen treat!

1. Traditional Style: cup or cone?

One of our favorite ways to eat ice cream is the simple, good old fashion way: plop a scoop right into a bowl or on top of a cone and dig in! Whether you make your own ice cream at home, buy it in containers at the store (or online), or you get it from your local ice cream shop, there’s nothing that brings back childhood memories more than a scoop in a cup or a cone. The favorite vessel around here is sugar cone style, jazzed up with some rainbow sprinkles, a marshmallow surprise at the bottom, big eyes and a wide smile!

2. Ice Cream Sundae

Remember being a kid and walking into the creamery, wafted by the warm and inviting smells of vanilla waffle cones, chocolate fudge, and freshly sliced strawberries?! We sure do! There’s something about an ice cream sundae that screams summer. The best part about a sundae is that there is no right or wrong way to build it! Top it with all of your favorite candies, sliced fruit, whipped cream and of course, the traditional Marciano cherry (is it even a sundae without the cherry?) Here’s our favorite way to eat a sundae:

  • 1 scoop each: chocolate, vanilla, strawberry (we like to use the Double Chocolate Gelato from Revolution Pops & the Strawberry from Liquid N2)
  • 1 sliced banana
  • handful of sliced strawberries
  • chocolate sauce
  • caramel sauce
  • whipped cream
  • Marciano Cherries
  • chopped up nuts (we like the cinnamon glazed cashews from Poppy’s Specialty Foods)

Layer each topping over the ice cream scoops. Top with a mile high mound of whipped cream, plop a cherry right on top, and enjoy! Make it your own by using your favorite toppings. Chop up your favorite cookie or browning and sprinkle it on. Use strawberry sauce instead of caramel sauce. The possibilities with a sundae a limitless. What will you put on yours?

3. Shake It Up!

I don’t know about you, but my absolute favorite way to eat ice cream is blended all together with some creamy milk, put in a glass and a straw, and on the go! The best part about a milkshake? There’s no chance of a melted mess! Not to mention, you can make them thick and creamy, or light and icy. We like ours thick and malted! My go to recipe:

  • Cookies & cream gelato (from Revolution Pops)
  • Crushed up Oreo pieces
  • Whole Milk (we like to use Morning Fresh)
  • Chocolate Malt Powder

Blend it all together, stick a straw in it, and you’re ready to enjoy!

4. Ice Cream Cake!

Whether it’s pre-made from a professional, or layered together in your own kitchen, there is no better combination than cake and ice cream! Putting the two together in one pan adds for an even sweeter treat. We like to make ours homemade by slicing a vanilla pound cake length-wise, and layering it with our favorite ice cream flavors in a loaf pan. Top it with chocolate sauce and pieces of your favorite candies, fruit, crushed nuts, or whipped cream. You can never go wrong with putting these two dessert favs together.


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